Drum Lifting, Rotating & Tilting Equipment

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Mobile Storage Systems supply a range of Drum lifting, rotating and tilting equipment.

We Supply a comprehensive range of Drum Lifting, Rotating & Tilting Equipment .Our drum lifting, rotating and tilting equipment is designed to meet Australian standards.
The drum carrier rotator is remarkably versatile 205 litre drum carrier rotator. It raises, transports, rotates, tilts and drains fully loaded drums. It can be locked in a vertical or horizontal position. It comes standard with 200mm roller bearing castors and 100mm swivel castor wheels.
Our drum and crate dollies are suitable for both steel and plastic drums and containers, it comes with standard easy wheel castors and has powdercoated or stainless steel options.
Mobile storage systems Drum Palletiser stackers are great for loading and unloading both plastic and steel drums onto pallets, it can also be used to stack drums on top of another drum or to place on a truck or Ute.
The parrot beak drum lifter is suitable for both steel and plastic 210 litre drums. With a simple auto clamp operation it allows the operator to remove and place drums on pallets or bunds without having to leave the forklift seat.
Drum lifting equipment, drum rotating equipment, drum tilting equipment are mostly used in industrial warehouses to move drums around. If you need help sourcing information contact our friendly staff on 1800 750 900.

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