Forklift Cages

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Mobile storage systems offer a ample selection of forklift platform and goods cages.
These include 1, 2, 4 person crane platform cages, forklift safety cage, Galvanised mesh cage, order picking platform and safety harness.
The safety harness that mobile storage systems offer are a 2m shock absorbing lanyard with on double action snap hook at one end and one scaffold hook at the other end, we also stock a full body harness with two chest attachments which fall arrest loops and a dorsal attachment d-ring.
Our crane brick cage is designed to convey pallets of bricks or similar loose products safely to a work location via overhead crane. Suitable for 1200mm square pallets (1240mm clear inside) and up to 1500mm overall height.
Mobile storage systems offer a 2 person crane platform cage which has been designed in strict accordance with Australian standards AS1418.17 and is suitable for a maximum of 2 people. Work performed in this Cage shall be limited to special tasks of short duration in situations where necessary to elevate personnel where it is not practicable to erect scaffolds or use a specially designed device. Fork Arm slippers are provided for transport purposes only. The standard finish on the Cage is painted enamel in ‘Safety Yellow’.
you’d like assistance with selecting forklift platforms and goods cages or need help sourcing a handling solution, Mobile Storage systems experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

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