Manual Stackers & Lifters

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Mobile storage systems supplies a wide selection of manual stackers and lifters, these include, 150kg fork platform lift trolley, aluminium lift assist decives, foldable portable crane 1.5 tonne, lift table trolley 150 kg capacity, manual and electric fork/ platform stackers, platform lift table trolley,  and  heavy duty manual fork stackers.
Any business that transports heavy materials on a regular basis needs the right equipment to do it safely. The heavy duty fork stacker a a very heavy duty constriction and are an economical alternative forklift. With the manual hydraulic lift via pallet truck style handle or foot pedal.
The aluminium lifters are great for assisting in the lifting positioning and installation of goods at height, it is ideal for lifting items into celling spaces or handling machine parts at heights.
Mobile storage systems have the ideal trolley for onsite service vehicles that need to lift heavy items like appliances into vans
For more information on our manual stackers & lifters, contact our sales team on 1300 700 950

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