Pallet Trucks -Electric & Manual

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Mobile storage systems offer an ample range of pallet trucks – electric and manual.
Our pallet trucks, electric and manual are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.  
The low profile pallet truck has easy access into low skids an pallets. It is great for unloading and loading containers with low import type pallets with a low clearance.
We offer the economical option walk behind electric pallet truck, avoid the strain of manual pusing a pallet standard pallet truck.
Our scale pallet trucks are extremely reliable and highly accurate in measuring your pallet weight. This fork truck has a totalizing function which adds up multiple pallet weights giving the total weight per shipment.
If you’d like assistance with selecting manual pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks or need help sourcing a handling solution, the Mobile Storage team  are happy to help please contact us on 1800 750 900.

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