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Mobile storage systems supplies an ample range of mega Bins, IBC’s and Pallets.  These include heavy duty Hygiene pallet, IBC Storage container, Plastic export pallet, Plastic MegaBin (vented and soild) and Plastic Vipallet.
Our Plastic pallet range includes heavy duty hygiene pallet, Plastic Export pallet and Plastic Vipallet. These pallets are environmentally friendly plastic pallets and are great for the food pharmaceutical, grocery, printing and beverage industry.
The Nally MegaBin that Mobile storage systems supplies are an original Australian bulk Bin. Designed for fruit and vegetables movement and retail high performance the nally MegaBin design is compatible with most bin handling equipment.  They are available in solid and vented structure and are a standard pallet size.
Bulk Storage containers  ( IBC’s) are designed for the safe storage transport and dispensing of bulk materials and liquids  we have 2 standard stock models  food grade and hazardous goods. They come in a standard pallet size with the metal base.
If you’d like assistance selecting a Mega Bins, IBC's & Pallets the Mobile Storage Systems team are available to answer any queries you may have.

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