Bulk Storage Containers & Cages

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Mobile Storage systems provide an ample selection of bulk storage containers and cages. Our range includes, bin trolleys and lids, galvanised mesh cage, galvanised mesh half cage, galvanised storage and transport cages, IBC Storage containers, Stackable Stillage cage and stillage mesh cage. 
Our galvainsed mesh cage are excellent for warehouses and yard storage, these unit are stackable as well as having the capacity of being stored in a pallet rack.
 We supply  stillage mesh cages these mesh cages are an excellent form of warehouse storage combining the usefulness of mesh cages with the flexibility of stillage‚Äôs, these stillage mesh cages may be stacked higher than a normal mesh cage due to the stillage posts.

For all your bulk storage container and cage needs please contact our friendly staff on 1800 750 900 or email sales@mobilestorage.com.au  

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