Plastic Pallets

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Mobile storage systems Supplies an ample selection of Plastic pallets Our Plastic pallet range includes heavy duty hygiene pallet, Plastic Export pallet and Plastic Vipallet. These pallets are environmentally friendly plastic pallets and are great for the food pharmaceutical, grocery, printing and beverage industry.
New plastic pallets are comparatively more expensive than new wooden pallets but the required end use really determines the value of the pallets, with the ever-increasing costs of transportation, saving just a few kilograms per pallet can save your entire operation.  Mobile storage systems plastic pallets do not require fumigation or heat treatment. It is suitable for food processing plants and pharmaceutical industries it is able to be washed, steam cleaned and chemically sterilised.
If you’d like assistance with selecting a plastic pallet or need help sourcing a handling solution, contact our office on 1800 750 900

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