Load Skates & Tow Tugs

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Mobile storage systems supply a range of Load skates and tow tugs this includes, 1000kg smart tow tug, 2500kg smart tow tug, 3 tonne steerable skates,  roller load skates – 10 tonne capacity, shifting skates 2& 6 tonne capacity. Mobile Storage Systems are solving many workplace problems particularly where there is a requirement of moving heavy loads.
The smart tow tug is great for larger and heavier trolleys and dolleys due to its 2500 kilo traction capacity saving the effort of pushing heavy items by hand throughout the workplace.
Our roller load skates are designed to move heavy loads e.g machinery and heavy workshop equipment. Coming available in diamond steel top or rubber pad top which protects it’s from scratching there is an optional steering handle available.
Mobile Storage Systems  cater to all your material handling needs, if you would like assistance with selecting a trolley please contact the mobile storage systems team on 1800 750 900

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