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Mobile storage systems supply a wide variety of Stick and laundry trolleys. These includes Garment handing rack, heavy duty stock trolleys, Large mesh linen trolleys, laundry, linen stock cages, Linen exchange trucks, mesh sided basket linen trolley, soiled linen trolley lids & bins, Soiled Linen trolley.
These feature easy to clean frames, high capacity drawers, bags and tubs, and simple manoeuvrability. They are all manufactured to Australian standards.
The mesh sided basket linen trolley has a spring loaded base which lowers as weight is added, corner buffers and a push handle,  it has a smooth powdercoated finish and come with 125mm swivel castors.
Our large mesh linen trolleys come in two models, both models hav 3 large storage shelves, they are available in powdercoated white or stainless steel, the powdercoated model has built in enclosed handle and stainless mondel has optional handles.
Mobile storage Systems  Stock & Linen Trolleys have been innovatively designed for multiple purposes which include delivery of linen and moving stock, Our stock and linen trolleys are ideal for a huge range of industries including hospitals, hotels, warehouses, supermarkets, and many other facilities. A variety of designs and weight/volume capacities are available to suit the need of your workplace.
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