Forklift Tipping & Steel Waste Bins

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Mobile storage systems supply an ample range of forklift tipping and steel waste bins. Our forklift tipping and steel waste bins can be easily attached to forklifts by having them locked in with a chain this way the operator of the forklift does not need to leave he’s position. 
Our range includes 1, tonne stackable crane bins, 1000kg capacity rollover waste bins, 1000kg large capacity tipping but with release mechanism, 100kg capacity tipping bins ( with release mechanism, 2 tonne fork /crane bins, 2 tonne stackable fork crane bins, 600kg capacity roll sideways, compact 1000kg capacity tipping bins, drop bottom, extra heavy duty crane bins, forklift skip bins, hopper bins, self-dumping 1000kg capacity waste bins, self-dumping 1500kg capacity tipping bins, Self dumping 3000kg capacity tipping bins, steel drum tipper and zinc plated forklift waste tipping bins.
The steel drum tipper is great for emptying 205 litre steel drums, and is the ideal solution for scrap metals and other heavy small waste items. It come with a chain belly strap with an eccentric lock which secures the drum firmly in position to release the operator pulls the cord from the driver seat.
The mobile storage systems hopper bins have a unique clam shell opening mechanism which is operated by a manual push/ pull handle, our hooper bins are fited with forlift pockets and are stacakable. They com available in 3 standard sizes and have optional wheels.
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