Safety Knives and Measuring Equipment

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Mobile Storage Systems specialises in safety knives and measuring equipment to suit every task you undertake. Our range includes 3 speeed winder sterling tape measure, 8m sterling professional tape measure, auto reacting carton cutter, Green Safety Slitter, Orange safety auto- retracting knife, self-retracting touch knife, side slide knife, sterling wheel walker  measuring wheel  Tusk safety knife, 185mm Black Panther industrial snips and a carton cutter.
Our sterling wheel walker measuring wheel records up to 9999 meters. It has a 2 counter reset buttons for easy continual use. With a zero point indicator for accurate measuring  and a trigger break for freewheeling.  
The tusk safety knife has a rubber handle grip which is comfortable and prevents slipping. Tape slitter on back of cutter allows for safe opening of cartons and it is suitable for cutting seatbealts, film,  shrink wrap, bubble wrap and plastic strapping.
We supply a green safety slitter knife this knife is an ergonomic cutter with finger hole to prevent slipping, it is ideal for opening cartons, slitting film, bubble wrap, tape and cutting seatbelts.
For more information on mobile storage systems safety knives and measuring equipment please contact our friendly staff on 1800 950 700 or email

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