Containment & Spillage Control

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Mobile storage systems have a range of containment and spillage control solutions which can be used, to store hazardous materials and substances. Our cabinets provide self-storage for dangerous goods classes, chemicals and flammable liquids.
Aerosol storage cages are heavy duty construction storage ages designed specifically for aerosol cans coming in a powdercoated green all cages have lockable doors and bolt down plates for added security. And are made to suite Australian standards AS3833
Mobile storage systems universal, chemical, oil & fuel spill kits are an emergency response spill kits contain a premium range of bioactive absorbents providing rapid and effective cleanup of hazardous , chemical, oil, hydrocarbon and water based liquid spills.
The flammable liquid cabinet 250L capacity is a high quality construction using zinc coated steel sheeting with a powdercoated finish giving it high resistance to splashes and spills. It has a stainless steel continuous pin hinging for reliable and accurate door closing. It is available in 5 classes flammable liquid, corrosive 8, organic, peroxide 5.2, Toxic 6 and oxidising Agent
IBC Spill buts are zinc plated spill bins which have been specifically designed for IBC’s the close spacing support bars allow protection of the IBC frame. The spill bins have a spill capacity exceeding Australian government regulations of 125% containment of the IBC.
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