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Mobile storage systems have 5 varieties of conveyors these are electric expanding roller conveyors, expanding roller conveyors, expanding skate conveyors  shifta-lifter mezzanine lifter and the stainless steel roller conveyor.


Our conveyors are perfect for warehouses, stores manufacturing and logistic operations. It allows easy transportation of large number of good to move more quicklet and efficiently in your area of work.
The Electric Expanding roller conveyors are a simple plug in and go this powered electric roller conveyor system is great for carrying boxes and items uphill where gravity may not be achievable. It is a flexible conveyor which expands from 1500mm to 4000mm.
Mobile storage systems self-tracking flexible expanding skate conveyor expands from 1100mm to 400mm and is able to be joined to make 1 continuous conveyor system. It is easy to assemble and come with break castors on every leg.
The shifta lifta can be used as a mobile horizontal conveyor or at the push of a button can convert into a fast loading elevator for loading or unloading mezzanine floors, pallet racking or containers. 
Mobile storage systems stock an economical range of conveyers which enables goods of various shapes, sizes and weights to be transported quickly and efficiently. For more information in regards to our conveyors please contact our friendly staff on

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