• High quality construction using zinc coated steel sheeting
  • Powdercoat finish giving high resistance to splashes and spills
  • All products designed to comply with Australian Standards and relevant Dangerous Goods Regulations
  • All cabinets supplied inclusive of all relevant safety signage and directions
  • Adjustable slow release user friendly hydraulic door control closure systems
  • Stainless steel continuous pin hinging for reliable and accurate door closing
  • Available in 5 classes; Flammable Liquid, Corrosive 8, Organic Peroxide 5.2, Toxic 6 and Oxidising Agent 5.1
  • All our flammable liquids cabinets are made to AS 1940-2004

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Internal Size (mm)
External Size (mm)
Storage Capacity
4L Drum Capacity
20L Drum Capacity
No. of Shelves
Unit Weight
MSDG8030 553x418x370 800x500x450 30L 8 1 2 33kg
MSDG8006 818x418x370 1065x500x450 60L 12 2 2 41kg
MSDG8100 553x838x535 800x920x615 100L 24 3 2 65kg
MSDG8160 973x1018x370 1120x1100x450 160L 40 6 2 78kg
MSDG2520 1123x678x1140 1370x760x1220 205L - - - 115kg
MSDG2500 1503x1018x420 1750x1100x500 250L 70 9 3 123kg


Dangerous Goods Cabinets (Flammable Liquids)

Quantity Required
Flammable Liquid Cabinet - 30L Capacity
Flammable Liquid Cabinet - 60L Capacity
Flammable Liquid Cabinet - 100L Capacity
Flammable Liquid Cabinet - 160L Capacity
Flammable Liquid Cabinet - 205L Capacity
Flammable Liquid Cabinet - 250L Capacity (BEST SELLER)

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Other dangerous goods class cabinets are available on request - Please contact us for pricing
Dangerous goods cabinet classes

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