The Verge Roll-Over Gate is the ideal solution for providing ultimate personnel protection whilst allowing fork truck loading access to the Mezzanine Floor.


Our Verge Roll-Over Gate is permanently anchored at the loading edge of the Mezzanine Floor providing protection from the fall edge at all times. The Verge Roll-Over Gate works on the principle of providing hand, knee and kick rails to either side of the palletized load by simply swinging the evenly balanced gate over the top of the load, protecting persons from the fall edge which eliminates the risk of fall injury.



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Overall Size (WxH)
Pallet Size (WxDxH)
MSPSG181 1900x2250mm 1400x1250x1800mm
MSPSG182 1900x2860mm 1400x1250x2400mm
MSPSG241 2400x2250mm 2000x1250x1800mm
MSPSG242 2400x2860mm 2000x1250x2400mm


Mezzanine Pallet Safety Roll Over Gate

Quantity Required
Roll Over Mezzanine Gate 1900x2250mm (WxH)
Roll Over Mezzanine Gate 1900x2860mm (WxH)
Roll Over Mezzanine Gate 2400x2250mm (WxH)
Roll Over Mezzanine Gate 2400x2860mm (WxH)

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