• Available in vented and non-vented versions
  • Standard Australian Footprint
  • Internal rounded air vents
  • Free air flowing vented base for quick chilling
  • 2-way entry
  • Racking locators
  • Drain holes
  • Food grade quality
  • UV stabilized
  • Company logo printing available
  • Dust cover lid available
  • Vented and non-vented models
  • 2:1 Fold down ratio
  • Increase transport efficiency
  • Each unit has two access drop gates which are 860mm wide and 300mm high
  •  Dimensions: External: 1162mm x 1162mm x 780mm high
  •  Internal: 1090mm x 1090mm x 635mm high
  • Folded: 1162mm x 1162mm x 280mm high
  • Stacking: 8 high less than 35°C, 20 high (folded)
  • Weight: 49kg
  • Static Capacity: 3000kg
  • Dynamic Capacity: 1000kg
  • Volume: 750ltr
  • Suitable: -20°C to +40ºC


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Internal Size (LxWxH)
External Size (LxWxH)
MSCB820 Collapsible Bin 0.82 cubic metres 1135x1055x700mm 1120x1145x865mm
MSCB825 Lid to suit - - 1220x1145x90mm


Collapsible Plastic Bin & Lid

Quantity Required
Collapsible Bin - Solid
Collapsible Bin - Vented
Lid to Suit Collapsible Bin

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