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Mobile Storage has been building and installing mezzanine floor areas for decades throughout Australia!


Our Raised Storage Platforms (Mezzanine Floors) are a fast & economic way to add extra floor space within the shell of an existing building. With increasing building costs and rental fees, every square metre of your office and warehouse area needs careful planning and design to yield maximum space efficiency.

  • Double your space, in the same place
  • Completely dismountable & easy to relocate
  • Designed to accommodate each client’s individual needs
  • Life time investment


Our Raised Storage Platforms (Mezzanine Floors) are pre-fabricated free standing systems which do not depend on the structure of the existing building. This means that the unique system is completely dismountable to make relocation easy, which makes our platforms a life time investment. The structures of the platforms are designed to fit your exact area and are carefully considered by our engineer for any desired weight loadings. At MHA Products our mezzanine floors are designed to accommodate each client’s individual needs, and are modified to fit around existing offices, warehouse columns and other obstructions.


Our Mezzanine Floors double your space in the same place, making them an environmental friendly warehouse solution.




Mobile Storage can measure and design your mezzanine floor areas. Contact us today for a quote on your requirements.


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