Louvre Panels & Trolleys

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Mobile storage systems supply a diverse of Lourve Panels and trolleys. The lourve panels are available in both metal and plastic they can be used for many be used for many applications including work benches, packing areas, walls shelving and lourve panel trolleys.
Our lourve panels are a sturdy power coated steel  which are designed to suit stor-Pak Bins and Visi pack Drawer range. There are 6 standard sizes that are available to order and are also available in ABS Plastic in 2 common sizes.
The large lourve panel trolley (with Castors) is a strong metal trolley fabricated from black powdercoat tubular steel with lourve panels on both sides.
If you would like assistance with our lourve panels and trolleys our friendly staff are happy to answer questions .

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