Stor-Pak Parts Bins

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Mobile storage systems Stor- Pak parts Bins, are available in Blue, red, green and yellow and many different designs. They are ideal for small parts storages and can sit on shelves benches and you can stack or clip them to lourve panels. Dividers are also available Stor-pak bins 60,120 and 240.


They are ideal stores and display products creating easy access and stock picking. We have a Access Stor-Pak bin rack which is an extra strong podwercoating frame and beams which can fit 16 240L  Stor-pak bins.  


Mobile storage systems Sto-pak parts and bins are manufactured from tough and durable polypropylene, and angled at the front to provide easy access.


 If you’d like assistance with selecting forklift platforms and goods cages or need help sourcing a handling solution Mobile Storage  Systems  experts are available to answer any queries you may have.

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