Waste Handling

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Mobile storage Systems supplies an ample selection of waste handling bins and equipment. Our range includes Plastic wheelie bins,  Security bin stands, bin lifter, Dumpmaster,  forklift waste tipping bins, capacity rollover bins, drop bottom bins, hopper bins and forklift wheelie bin tippers.
The Otto large plastic wheelie bins are available in 2 standard sizes, with the choice of 5 bin lid colours ( grey, green, blue, yellow, and red). They are manufactured from high density polyethylene and have a resistant to decay, heat, frost, chemicals and UV rays.

Mobile storage systems supply the Dumpmaster bin tippers,  these are the ultimate solution to empty bins ans drums weighing up to 300kg at virtually any height the tipping action of the Dumpmaster is one of the safest most efficient and easiest to use in the world. Dumpmaster bin lifters have a unique tipping action whereby bins are lifted straight up, and then gently rolled forward around the lip of the skip or hopper being emptied into.
Our heavy duty 2 tonne stackable fork/ crane bins are ideal for all waste products; these crane bins are approximately the same size as a standard Australian pallet ad can stack neatly on top of each other.
For more information on waste handling bins and equipment contact our friendly staff on 1800 750 900 or email sales@mhaproducts.com.au

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